Be Unstoppable

What it really takes to recover the energy you need now to heal from years of pain, inner discomfort & grief

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A doctor who listens. Check.

One who can wrap his head around the WHOLE person, see the real you inside & connect the dots in plain, easy to understand language. Check.

Someone who will guide you for where to look (and who won't judge you on past mistakes). Yes! That's Right!!

You're a savvy healthcare consumer seeking a natural "root cause" solution and you are against taking medications if you can. You've looked high & low, devouring the internet for information you can trust.

Well, I have some good news for you. Be Unstoppable gives you what you've been seeking - training and education in functional medicine, along with my expert advice as you go through my bootcamp. These 12 original Functional Medicine lessons are "healing frameworks" that will lay a foundation brick by brick on your journey to Be Unstoppable.

Inside, I've combined the best of my 30+ years of experience into one powerful, truly life-changing program. It's a week-by-week series of lessions, actions steps & insights to functional medicine that you can take into your own life and build upon right away – and I'm going to do it with you.

Look, health is wealth. If you don’t have it, nothing else matters. Be Unstoppable is a low-cost investment you can't afford NOT to take!

Why You Need This

This Is For You If You're Looking To:

  • Unleash steady energy throughout the day
  • ​Tamp down chronic body inflammation that is causing your body (and brain) to hurt
  • Reduce chronic pain and body aches that keep you trapped inside and up all night
  • Release unwanted weight and balance hormones safely and predictably
  • Lower your risk of unhealthy aging and disease
  • Dial down reactive behaviors (think anxiety, anger, irritability)
  • Gain control over food sensitivities, brain fog, and focus concerns
  • ​Resolve gastric distress (and irritable gut function ) for good
  • Enhance positive, life-sustaining activities that produce calm and put your body into a healing state
  • Enable your brain’s capacity for growth and change
  • Motivate yourself and others to believe in a new you

… then you’re in the right place!

The 4 CORE Pillars Driving Sustained

Cardiometabolic Health & Wellbeing

Because here's the thing...

You've probably tried many things to regain control over your weight, diabetes or prediabetes but you're just not sure what else to try or who to trust, tight?

You might be lying awake at night, worried what diabetes will do to your health, your family, your career...

... stressed out about rising prescription costs for your diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications,

... feeling terrible from the side effects that ruin your quality of life.

... or feeling betrayed by your own body and a dysfunctional healthcare system that keeps telling you that type 2 diabetes can't be reversed.

And even worse... you may be dealing with emotional overwhelm, feeling guilty that you didn't take better care of yourself, all the while feeling embarrassed about "what the doctors will say" when you go for your next visit.

You may also feel like your diabetes limits your quality of life and ability to travel, go out to restaurants with friends, and attend celebrations and parties.

But the truth is… it’s not your fault!

Through years of education and refinement, this methodology has helped thousands of patients… and that’s why I don’t want you to waste a single minute remaining stuck with persistent symptoms, simply because no one shared this critical information with you!

  • It’s your cardiometabolic hormones backfiring on you!
  • It’s your body improperly using and storing energy!
  • It’s your body’s inability to escape the daily onslaught of toxic insults!
  • It’s your body never accessing a state of profound healing!
  • It’s the bogus information you were given by the conventional medicine and food industry

The good news is, you can start to adjust those factors in 90 days or less and experience at least a 50% reduction of symptoms!

In a nutshell, it’s about activating the 4 CORE pillars driving sustained long term health and well-being that can also help you cope when you’re newly diagnosed:

  • Restoring insulin sensitivity and proper blood sugar regulation
  • ​Bringing chronic inflammation under control
  • Detoxing your body and releasing stubborn weight
  • Shifting into a parasympathetic healing state

Can you imagine how good it would feel…

  • To know that your “diabetes doesn’t own you”! You can get control of your blood sugar -- you just need the tools, know-how, and support that we provide
  • To finally release those stubborn 15 - 30 pounds and sleep soundly at night?
  • To wean off all those prescription drugs… dialing down the amount of needed insulin?
  • To finally ditch your fatigue, chronic pain and get your life back?
  • To finally have the energy to get your work done and enjoy time with your family again?

It is possible, as I have seen with countless of our patients… and this is why I created a transformational 12-week group program...

Basic Package

D.I.Y Bootcamp

6-month access to the course with basic program support + unlimited access to the group Chat Board to get feedback and support from my team.


You'll Receive:

Functional Nutrition Recipes

My 4 Root Cause Checklists

12 Video Tutorials + Handouts

6 LIVE Coaching Sessions (Every 2 Weeks)

Chat Message Board


(Limited Time Offer)

deluxe Package

V.I.P Bootcamp

1 Full Year access to the course (including updates) private chat support + one 75-minute Zoom strategy session and 30-minute follow up to help you structure and set up your dream root cause solution.

You'll Receive:

Functional Nutrition Recipes

My 4 Root Cause Checklists

12 Video Tutorials + Handouts

6 LIVE Coaching Sessions (Every 2 Weeks)

Chat Message Board


365 Day or Night Access (1 Full Year) To All the Content

Private Messaging for Individual Support

One 60 Minute Private Coaching Session ($300 Value)

One Follow-Up Check In Session


(Limited Time Offer)

PLUS, All These Bonuses!

Membership in a private Facebook community to receive/give support during/after the program.

Messaging access to the treatment team during the program through our app chat feature.

Lifetime access to all program content.

20 servings of organic reishi mushroom-infused coffee and tea. (10 of each)

FREE MetabolicBiome 

Plus kit: ($120 value) 

This 7-day kit optimizes gut microbiome to support healthy blood sugars 

20% off our professional-grade supplements.

Members-only pricing on specialized functional lab testing (if needed). Requires a one-on-one visit for interpretation. 

In This Powerful Program, You’ll Learn:

  • The power of fasting for health & weight loss
  • ​​Nutritional strategies to reverse diabetes
  • How to read labels & shop smarter
  • ​How to incorporate exercise into your life in a fun way
  • How exercise & stress affect blood sugar levels & insulin resistance
  • ​​Low-carb food swaps including desserts & snacks
  • ​​Easy meal prep
  • How to stop emotional eating
  • ​The microbiome & diabetes
  • How to detoxify your home & body
  • ​Supplements for blood sugar management 
  • Nutritional strategies to reverse metabolic disease 
  • How to incorporate exercise into your life in a fun way
  • How to read labels and shop smarter
  • Low-carb food swaps including desserts and snacks
  • Easy meal prep
  • ​​How to stop emotional eating
  • ​​The microbiome and diabetes
  • How to detoxify your home and body
  • ​How exercise and stress affect diabetes/insulin resistance
  • Supplements for blood sugar management
  • ​And more! 

“This program helped me burn 25 pounds of fat - Now I feel 

10 years younger, healthier and happier!"

Ashley 35, California - Mom Of 2 Kids

12-week group program

18 meetings
(Some meetings will be held virtually, some will be held in person) 

Personalized content through the Premier Integrative Health wellness app.

Daily task list to help keep you engaged and on track.

​Taught by Dr. Dyer, our nutritionist Brooke Seiz, our health coach Tricia Tayrien, with special guest speakers from the community! 

Educational materials / videos from the top doctors in the country on topics to keep you inspired and motivated.

​Membership in a private Facebook community to give and receive support during and after the program! 

Chat feature to communicate with your treatment team in between appointments.

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