Wondering If Hormone Imbalances Cause Your Chronic Health Issues?

  • IF hormone imbalances could be part of the puzzle for your fatigue, weight, sleeplessness, low energy, irritability, and pain

  • WHY true health & well-being is impossible unless you regain control over your hormones

  • ​HOW you can finally balance hormones naturally, without toxic & expensive drugs using a root-cause solution approach



3 Scary Statistics About Hormone Imbalances


Of Women Suffer From Hormonal Imbalances

On top of all the pressures of everyday life, women are exhausted & irritable, often faced with physical pain, and mental and emotional effects of having their hormones out of whack!


Of Women Live With Imbalances Without Realizing It

Most women remain unaware of conditions like osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes & heart disease that may have manifested due to hormonal irregularities – and miss out on reducing risk for more serious conditions, including cancer and dementia!


Of Women Say Hormones Negatively Affect Them

Mood swings, hot flashes & weight gain are surefire symptoms, but hormonal imbalances manifest in a myriad of other symptoms from urinary incontinence to chronic constipation to bloat!

Meet Dr. Douglas Pucci, Functional Medicine Specialist & Founder, Pucci Wellness

Dr. Douglas Pucci is an expert in hormonal analysis, lifestyle balance, and the contributing factors for hormonal imbalances that affect women (& men) throughout the life stages and into later years.

Dr Pucci provides comprehensive testing for root causes of hormonal ill-ease, including low thyroid, peri menopause & menopause.

In private practice in Oradell, NJ, for more than 30+ years, Dr Pucci is known as Bergen County’s Face of Functional Medicine.


Here's What Clients Say...

"I've been working on my health for years. I was seeing three different doctors for what Dr Pucci is able to do by himself, uner one roof. I know I'm in the right place."

Donna B. Ramsey


"Dr Pucci created a miracle! According to my most recent labs, I'm no longer prediabetic. With the remedies, I was able to stop taking all my medications months ago."

Fred M.

New Milford, NJ

"Each week I pack my mom and my sister into the car and we head up to see Dr Pucci. Autoimmune diseases run in our family so when they saw how well I was doing, they couldn't wait. "

Melina R.

Pennington, NJ

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