3 Little-Known Facts About Hormones

"My Labs Are Normal..."

With labs "in normal range", why do I have symptoms?

Your hormones can be in range... but not be optimal. The "normal range" is just based on an average of people (healthy or not). If you find yourself towards the lower or higher end, your hormones aren't in the optimal range. That's why we go beyond standard lab tests to find out why your hormones are imbalanced... checking other values that standard labs often miss. Take the first step to reclaim your vitality, and take the short quiz!

Nutritional Deficiencies

Are nutrient deficiencies impacting your hormones?

Without proper nutrition, your body can't make vital hormones. Most people, even healthy eaters, have nutrient deficiencies due to stress, gut issues, toxic exposure and taking medications. Using an integrative approach, we first evaluate all possible root causes of hormone dysfunction – including possible nutrient deficiencies that can be easily corrected with high-quality supplements.

Impact Of Gut Health

GI issues can mess with your hormone balance

Gut imbalances frequently turn into hormonal imbalances! Trying to "fix" hormonal imbalances on their own will frequently backfire if you don't heal your gut too. Stealth infections, bacterial infections, leaky gut and SIBO push hormones out of whack... so we need to address those issues first before looking into things like hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Could Hormonal Issues Be The Missing Link To Solving Your Health Struggles?

  • Do you have low energy for no reason? Feeling "off" some days and don't know why?

  • Getting plenty of sleep... yet still don't wake up refreshed? Don't have the energy & excitement to socialize like you used to?

  • Added on a few pounds seemingly "out of nowhere"? Or struggling with brain fog & poor memory?

Take this short quiz assessment to find out if undiagnosed hormonal imbalances are to blame!

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