Ah, mornings. These critical early hours set the foundation for success and health for the rest of your day – but are you making the most of it?

Learn How to Create Your Day by Gifting Yourself SHINE!

Plot out the Course of Events using SHINE to capture the Most Precious Part of Your Day

What's Inside?

10 Tiny Habits to Help You SHINE with Beauty, Grace & Ease

  • How to make the most of your morning waking time (without losing sleep).
    Plus, what I feel is one step you should not be avoiding.

  • What you should be making every day to fuel your body with essential nutrients.
    My simple recipe is not only easy to accomplish, it will give your inner microbiome the fuel it needs to energize your day.

  • Why routine is so important to your body's internal ecosystem, called your microbiome.
    And how you can start to fine-tune your body's own natural, circadian rhythm using this one "tiny but mighty" technique.

  • How your ability to detoxify is also fueled by better sleep.
    Not only is sleep the place for dreaming big, it is also one of our body's main pathways for discharging toxins and recharging our energy systems.

  • And much more...

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