[REPLAY] A Special Training For Food & Allergy Sufferers - It’s Time to Rethink What You’ve Been Taught

Ready To Take a Deep Dive Into The TOP 3

Things You Need To Understand When It Comes to Immune System Health?

Let’s Clear The Confusion Regarding Stealth Infection, Testing for Food Allergies v Sensitivities, and Even How Most Doctors Get It Wrong

A Must Have For Anyone Increasingly Questioning What to Eat, and Why!

Here’s What I’ll Be Covering During This Webinar

  • Are probiotics essential to improving your gut microbiome and immunity? Or is there something else you should be doing to help fight off nasty infections and to keep your gut health running at optimal performance levels? I’ll answer this specific question in detail.

  • Health professionals and the latest science research all seem to agree on this ONE thing. Most people believe that taking this popular “supplement” will help overcome digestive issues, inflammatory conditions, and immune reactions – but it’s simply not true. There are more pieces to the puzzle, which I’ll reveal during the training.

  • What do most people and health professionals get WRONG about allergies? There’s a reason why people continue to suffer with various types of allergies and food sensitivities - and the real root causes are often overlooked. How can you take a “whole” body approach to experience lasting relief? I’ll cover all this information and more.

  • How do probiotics, allergies, sensitivities, the gut microbiome, and illness all tie together? When you dig deep into it, all of these are actually connected in a very complex way. I’ll simplify this connection in a way that makes common sense – and it’ll also help you improve your own health and vitality!

  • How can you finally conquer your own allergy challenges in a natural & effective way? I’ll discuss the steps you can start taking right away to begin reducing or even eliminating your most common allergies and food sensitivities. All it takes is a few tiny changes in your lifestyle and habits. You’ll be shocked how a few small habits can lead to big changes.

Meet Dr. Douglas Pucci, Functional Medicine Specialist & Founder, Pucci Wellness

Dr. Douglas J. Pucci, functional medicine specialist and founder, Pucci Wellness Center, in Oradell, NJ, is passionate about his mission to lead from the frontlines of medicine, breaking down access to treatment for patients. That’s why he’s created programs: To work with you to discover your root cause solution.

Now as ever Dr Pucci is deeply concerned about the numbers of patients who contact his office with a long list of medications, vitamins, and a history of emergency doctor's visits. “People start to panic because they see a lack of control over their own health,” he warns. Plus they use nutrition incorrectly, substituting products off the shelf for the features they would want in a drug.

Dr Pucci is a leader in functional medicine, digging deeper into complex health issues. He is able to translate a large amount of complex material into a clear and compelling investigation of what's at the root of your most pressing health and wellness concerns.

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